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Elevate Your Workspace:
Office Construction Solutions in Middle Tennessee

Building relationships throughout the construction process based on design, budget, and the vision of the project.

At Premier Design Build, we're all about creating amazing office spaces right here in Middle Tennessee. Whether you're starting from scratch with a brand-new building or giving an old space a fresh look, we've got your back. We know that every business is different, so we listen closely to what you need and tailor our work to fit you perfectly. 

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Commercial Building

We make things easy and clear, every step of the way. For new offices, we bring your vision to life, making sure your space isn't just beautiful but also super practical and a great place to work. And if it's a renovation you're after, we're experts at transforming tired, old spaces into something you can be proud of, all while keeping your business's unique vibe. 

And then there's our business condo option—a smart choice for those who like the idea of owning their space without the hassle of a standalone property. It's a great way to be part of a business community and share amenities and ideas.

With Premier Design Build, creating or upgrading your office space in Middle Tennessee is easier than ever—and we're excited to help you make it happen!

Land Development

Looking to develop land? 

Our proven Business Condo model allows land developers to build high-demand commercial real estate to sell or rent to local businesses.


Land developers can do massive projects quickly for fast results, or build a few at a time to allow for lower cost of entry and faster return on investment.

Business Condos 02.jpg
Groove Life Before and After

Facility Redesign

Have an existing building, but it's time to take your facilities to the next level?

Work with our team of Design and Construction experts to dream of what can be with your facilities.  We work with both interior and exterior redesigns.

Get ready for a before and after that will make heads turn!

The Premier Design Build Difference

Choosing the traditional route of splitting your project between an architect and a builder can lead to communication confusion, delays, and unexpected costs.

That's a headache nobody wants. 


That's where our Design/Build philosophy shines. We bring everything under one roof, which means clear communication, a unified vision, and a smooth process from start to finish.


With Premier Design Build as your single point of contact, you're not just getting a contractor; you're getting a dedicated team that's all in on bringing your vision to life. 


This approach keeps your project on track and within budget and gives you the peace of mind and freedom to dream bigger about what your space can be. 


If you don’t want any confusing headaches and want a business space that’s tailored just to your needs, book a call with us now!


We’re looking forward to showing you our dedication and fulfilling your business dreams.

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