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What is Design/Build Construction?

Design/Build construction is a method in the construction industry where a single entity takes responsibility for both the design and construction phases of a project. Unlike the traditional approach, where an owner hires separate architects, engineers & construction firms, the design-build method integrates all aspects into one streamlined process.

Benefits of Design/Build

We help you meet Square Foot, Look & Feel, and Budget Requirements

On Time Projects

On Budget Projects

Simplicity of One Source

Why Design/Build Construction?

We know that dividing a construction project between an architect and a builder can lead to complications. It can create confusion, slow down progress, and blur lines of responsibility, potentially leading to costly mistakes. To tackle this issue, Premier Design Build adopts the Design/Build philosophy, assuming complete accountability for both the design and construction aspects of your project.

Design/Build involves us becoming your sole point of contact and a dedicated team committed to your satisfaction. By consolidating everything under one source, we ensure that the project stays on track, adheres to timelines, and remains within budget. This approach grants you the luxury of more time to explore opportunities and possibilities without fretting over coordinating separate entities like an architect and a builder.

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